African Overland Trip 2011

Friends of Nzega

 The 'friends of Nzega' charity brief, and how the 'gone for a drive' team is helping.

"The Friends of Nzega Charity was formed in 1986. Nzega is located on a dusty plain south of Lake Victoria, in Tanzania. It is a small country town, like ours here in Kingsbridge, hence the twinning. The elders and leaders speak English and the country is peaceful".

"Over the years the charity has raised funds for many projects through sponsored walks, coffee mornings, boat trips and street collections as well as receiving significant support from a local businessman. Always the principle behind support projects has been to provide help in a way that is not demeaning to the people but to help them become self reliant, not dependent.
In 1998 a member of the charity went on a fact finding visit and was appalled to find that the hospital had no ambulance. People would walk sometimes up to eight hours bringing their sick children or family members often by ox cart. The roads were poor, often dirt tracks so the journey was hazardous. We decided a suitable vehicle would be a good investment and a tough, durable four wheel drive would fit the bill".

"An ex-army long wheel base Land Rover that was being sold at a Government auction seemed the perfect vehicle for such extreme conditions. The vehicle had a hard top and was sufficiently large enough to convert inside to make a stretcher space as well as room for supplies etc. It was shipped out in 1999 and has been a valuable asset to the hospital. Its durability has been excellent. It has been maintained over the years (funded by the charity). On a recent visit by a group from Cranbrook School in Kent , who also support villages in the Tabora region, the head teacher noticed that the vehicle is at present off the road and in need of repair and so on his return he contacted us with a list of requirements. As our charity is committed to spending all that we can realistically raise this year on training 18 nurses on a four year graduation programme".     

The charity Friends of Nzega no is 289440. 

How The 'gone for a drive' team is helping the 'friends of Nzega' charity;

The aim for the 'gone for a drive' team is to carry out maintenance on the Friends of Nzega Land Rover, and more importantly to make a thorough assessment of the condition of the vehicle, to ready it for further significant maintenance. The overall aim being to ensure the continuing availability of this valuable vehicle that is relied on by the community in Nzega. The 'gone for a drive team' will also be embarking on other local community projects whilst in Nzega.

Local map of Tanzania; Friends of Nzega, Nzega, Tanzania.


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