Durban...The end of the Road - We made it!

Posted by Jenni on August 28, 2011 at 2:30 AM

So here we are in Durban - yes we finally made it! A long road from Cape Town where we said goodbye to the others.

Since then we're travelled through what can only be described as 'the real South Africa'. Not a single white person in sight, township after township and locals giving us advice of 'don't stop there'! But despite that, it's been so lovely - and let's face it, after everything we've seen, stopping really wasn't a problem - no guns in our faces, no people peering in the car and very little begging at the windows.


Priority number one for us in Durban was to start making a fuss at Customs (South Africa Revenue Service - SARS) about getting our car scrapped! (...Shhhh i hear you say the Mighty Smurf will hear!).

We headed to SARS each morning to get some answers and it was like getting blood out of a stone. No-one knows what's going on or how it needs to be done. We were bounced from one person to the next, to the next; from Durban to Vioolsdrift (the border post) to Durban - no-one could take any responsibility! 'TIA' was very much to blame here!

Refusing to give up and standing in the way, we (politely) kept asking for answers when one guy finally gave in and started to help. Unfortunately it was just a shame he only managed to get hold of another idiot! Blood started to boil! Paperwork and processes explained in quiet shhhh'd undertones (just encase some overheard him actually working!) we left with instructions of what needed to be done tomorrow.


Tomorrow came and we followed the instructions only to find out we had to jump through some more hoops....but that appointment got make (we took TIA into our own hands for a day!)  and we left with our fingers crossed for Thurdsday; Scrap-day for the mighty Smurf!




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