Day 134 Friday 12th August (RS): Vanrhynsdorp – Stellenbosch

Posted by Peter Douet on August 15, 2011 at 5:05 PM

After a night at a great caravan park (yes, there is such a thing) where we were welcomed, fed, charged a relative pittance and given free coffee in the morning, we headed off to Stellenbosch. The Cloggies were heading straight to Cape Town as they planned to do a wine tour with other friends so it was just us 3 and what a time we had!

After settling in at Stumble Inn (highly appropriately named) we headed off for a tour of several vineyards. Being drinkers of pretty much any wine we definitely found it surprising the huge difference between supermarket wine and the same vineyard’s collection wines, produced from the same grapes but stored for longer in better barrels: we accelerated to posh wine drinkers swiftly!

Each vineyard we visited was slightly different: some serving optional cheese, others chocolate, others pate. One even was adjoined to a cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre! We got merrily sloshed throughout the course of the afternoon and “stumbled” back into our hostel where Pete proceeded to use Jen and I as target practice using the oranges from the tree in the hostel garden! He also tried playing catch with the hostel cat which, thankfully, was of a placid temperament! A great experience and, although my taste buds may have become wine snobs, my wallet certainly hasn’t so it is likely to remain supermarket plonk for me! At least I truly have tasted the difference though and understood the cause!



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