African Overland Trip 2011


Oh it's close now!

Posted by Jimbo on March 24, 2011 at 7:34 PM Comments comments (2)

Days to go before departure!

The Toyota teams have been cleaning the last of the rust from their chassis rails, bits are being welded on in all manner of places and no end of self-tapping screws are being applied to stop the rattling. Springs are being changed in pit-stop style (with little apparent benefit) and the first day of camping was a blazing attached to the Flickr page.

Meanwhile a quiet calm descends over the Range Rover camp. Weekend of servicing booked on a ramp in a real garage, using real tools and actual mechanics.The final touches are being made ready for the off on Thursday. Fuel tanks are now working with a new capacity of 155 litres (which is scary money in your local fuel station!)

Tomorrow is our final day at work. A moment we've been waiting for that really tells us it's time to get a move on. Make the final installation time count!

The next five days are going to involve early mornings and late evenings, glue, screws, large hammers and a welder. And a brush to sweep up the FeO2+ deposited by the various Japanese vehicles that have graced the sacred workshop concrete. You can paint Hammerite straight onto rust, right?


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